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The World Association of Professional Investigators, WAPI, Is a private investigator body, formed by professionals, for professionals. It covers all areas of investigation, public sector and private sector, companies and individuals, corporate and domestic.

It had been published by other associations that there were over 10,000 practising investigators in the private sector alone, and of this number less than 5% had joined the existing Associations in the UK. WAPI manclated that it would be open to all and any practising investigator, private or law enforcement and that private investigator members would have to have, or be granted a license as and when the regulation started for the investigator sector.


Why join WAPI?

I would suggest that being a Member of WAPI adds strength to the Mandate that your GC needs when dealing on behalf of Members with the SIA, OFT, ICO and other Government and Statutory Bodies. It is vital for all of us to ensure that our concerns are dealt with prior to the implementation date.


What is WAPI?

The World Association of Professional Investigators, WAPI, is a professional body formed by professionals, for professionals practising in all areas of investigation.

WAPI meets the need for a worldwide organisation which can provide a focal point for investigators.

Licencing of Professional Investigators

The SIA are considering Exams for all! And some of the Associations have backed that horse already?

WAPI firmly believe that the criteria for competence should be determined by a combination of investigative based qualifications and/or proven experience. WAPI published a Proposal years ago outlining a simple points based system using these factors.

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