Supplement Fulfillment for Health and Nutrition

Rely on WAPI for trusted shipping and delivery of dietary products, vitamins and supplements.

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Supplement Fulfillment for Health and Nutrition

Your Reliable Health
3PL Partner for Ecommerce

Due to the sensitive expiration dates of these products, we have spent years perfecting and improving processes in our on-demand nutritional supplement warehouses, fulfillment and shipping centers. As a result, we are proud to offer one of the most reliable warehousing and ecommerce fulfillment solutions for your ecommerce business.

Reliable Fulfillment Partner for Beauty Products

What our clients say:

We are extremely satisfied with WAPI's delivery and ecommerce fulfillment services for nutrition products: supplements and vitamins. Their on-demand nutritional supplement warehouses and fulfillment centers, which they have perfected over the years, ensure that our company can reliably deliver nutrition products directly to customers.


Working with WAPI to handle our hair care products has been a game changer for our business. With their expertise, we've reduced final mile logistics costs by 35%, achieved rapid 24-48 hour deliveries, received invaluable operational support for Amazon FBA, and expanded across all target EU countries. Excited for what's to come!


Fulfillment & Production 

Our experience in the industry allows us to offer comprehensive management system: from manufacturing to fulfillment. Stock your inventory with existing products or develop new with WAPI – we have the management system to meet your needs.

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Focus on
the quality

We offer access to the latest research and can provide guidance on health nutrition products and ingredient trends, recommend suitable ingredients, and develop customized formulations in the sector.


Partnering with us means you have not only a manufacturer but also a logistics partner with access to the trusted network of warehouses in Europe and the US.

100% European
manufactured cosmetics

Our efficient production process guarantees timely delivery, while our premium packaging enhances your brand image.

This is how it works. Easy

Start selling more by integrating your existing sales channels with Wapi, start selling via new marketplaces in Wapi system or go for both at the same time.


Done in a few clicks — we will provide you with integration to any sales channel there is.


Enter your product catalogue into Wapi system and they will appear on a new marketplace automatically.


We will pick up your goods and bring it to the strategically placed warehouses within Wapi network all across Europe.


From now on, we will automatically receive orders, pick & pack them and deliver them to the customer.


We produce all kinds
of cosmetics

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    Share your preferences for ingredients, formulations, and packaging
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    Tell us about your target audience, desired beauty products
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    We produce your order to the highest industry standards
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    You focus on sales, we handle the cosmetics fulfillment for your brand

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We have a solution.

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One partner – many benefits

At WAPI we know how to win the hearts of your customers

Simple and quick integrations with sales channels and CRM systems

Integrations with CRM systems make it easy to synchronize your customer data and order information, streamlining the order fulfillment process.

Multi-country inventory overview & control

With an overview of inventories in different countries, you can optimize their supply chain, reduce shortages and improve customer satisfaction.

Order rerouting and management system

We can make changes to the destination address or adjust the shipping method based on various factors or customer requests.

On-time order tracking

We ensure that you can monitor the progress of your orders and have visibility into their delivery status.

Predictable cost transparency and finance reporting

Be sure you have clear visibility into your expenses and financial performance and make informed decisions and effectively manage your budget.

Return management

We handle the authorization, product inspection, refund or exchange processing, and restocking inventory.

Product listing compilation and marketplace set up

With our experience, we ensure that your products are presented correctly on popular ecommerce platforms and are easily accessible to customers.

KPIs control and reporting

With robust reporting tools and insightful analysis, you gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions for improved performance and growth.

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When it comes to manufacturing nutritional supplements, vitamins packaging for health nutrition products, beauty and pharmaceutical products, it’s critical to follow strict protocols to ensure quality and sustainability throughout the process. At WAPI, we understand the importance of these protocols and prioritize sustainability, efficiency and flexibility in our services.

We offer transparent and effective production solutions tailored to each company’s unique needs. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field of dietary supplements and vitamins, working with a trusted manufacturer is critical. At WAPI, we provide a detailed and thorough approach to dietary supplement manufacturing, ensuring transparency and safety every step of the way.

Our comprehensive services include product development, manufacturing, packaging and labeling. We can provide you with a complete solution or stand-alone dietary supplement manufacturing. If you need packaging or manufacturing services for your products or would like to request product samples, our dedicated and passionate team is here to help. We pride ourselves on developing perfect solutions for each of our customers.

We know how important it is to have reliable account managers anda personal support in supplement warehousing and fulfillment. Our dedicated account managers act as your eyes and ears in the warehouse, ensuring accurate order fulfillment and prompt shipment. Fulfyld provides comprehensive assistance with all aspects of warehousing and fulfillment to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

At WAPI, we not only specialize in the manufacturing of nutritional supplements, but we also offer comprehensive order fulfillment services. From packaging to delivery, we handle every aspect of the process to ensure a seamless experience for our customers. Our state-of-the-art fulfillment centers and efficient logistics operations ensure timely and reliable delivery of your vitamins and supplements.

Our products are manufactured, packaged and stored in our state-of-the-art production facility in the European Union. We adhere to the highest standards and have comprehensive licenses for processing dietary supplements, health nutrition products and vitamins.

With our experience in both manufacturing and fulfillment, we offer an all-in-one solution to streamline your dietary supplement ecommerce business. You can rely on us to handle the entire process, from production to packaging to delivery, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Yes, we offer seamless integrations with various systems and platforms to streamline your operations. Our fulfillment service can be integrated with your e-commerce platform, allowing for automated order processing and real-time inventory management. We also provide integrations with shipping carriers to simplify the shipping process and provide accurate tracking information to your customers. Additionally, our fulfillment service can integrate with customer support systems to ensure efficient communication and resolution of any inquiries or issues.

WAPI is committed to supporting health nutrition businesses in scaling their operations and meeting growing demand. We offer flexible and scalable fulfillment solutions that can adapt to changes in order volume and market demand.

Our state-of-the-art fulfillment centers are designed to handle high volumes efficiently, ensuring timely processing and delivery. Our robust inventory management system and supply chain expertise enable seamless scalability, allowing businesses to expand their reach and fulfill orders with ease. Any health nutrition businesses deserve to confidently scale their operations and meet the increasing demands of their customers.

We understand that each customer has unique shipping requirements as a supplement manufacturer. With our experience in export documentation, we are always ready to assist you in shipping to multiple locations, different markets, and different countries. If needed, we can arrange special shipping arrangements when you place your purchase order.

We offer storage of your products in our temperature and humidity controlled warehouses and fulfillment centers. We offer a “pick and pack” service, labeling, inventory management and many more fulfillment services for your online store.

In addition to our dietary supplement manufacturing, fulfillment and shipping services, we also provide branding and new market development support for your brand and online store. We understand the importance of creating a strong brand identity and expanding your reach to target audiences in different regions.

Our team can advise you on developing brand strategies and market entry plans to help your ecommerce business succeed in new markets. With our comprehensive manufacturing and fulfillment services, we can support your nutritional supplement business in all aspects of production, shipping, branding and market expansion.

Fulfillment is a crucial aspect for any supplement brand and especially for an online store. It ensures that products are delivered to customers in a timely and reliable manner. Given the sensitive nature of dietary products, vitamins and supplements, a reliable fulfillment service is even more important. It guarantees that products reach customers in optimal condition and within the expiration date. By working with a reliable fulfillment service like WAPI dietary supplement brands can earn a reputation for delivering high-quality products efficiently, which ultimately contributes to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Contact us today to discuss how our reliable fulfillment service can help streamline your nutritional supplement business and your online store and ensure timely delivery to your customers.