BOOST CONFIDENCE of Potential Clients

BUILD YOUR BUSINESS with an International Network

HAVE ACCESS to Resources, Equipment and Investigative Methods

INFLUENCE Governments, Organisations and Public Opinion


We are here to serve

The World Association of Professional Investigators, WAPI, Is a professional investigator body, formed by professionals, for professionals. We influence governments, organisations and public opinion.

We have two purposes:

To serve professional investigators. Being a member of WAPI allows a professional investigator to:

  • Build his/her business with an international network;
  • boost confidence of potential clients;
  • have access to the most current resources, equipment and investigative methods.

To serve the public and private sector. Whether you are in the legal profession, are a corporation, SME or private individual you can:

  • Locate a professional investigator to provide you effective results;
  • be assured all WAPI members are vetted for suitability of membership;
  • feel secure in knowing all WAPI members adhere to our strict code of ethics.