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Scale up your e-commerce sales across Europe and the USA with WAPI fulfillment, marketplace and courier aggregator

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Accelerate your business with one-click access to locally renown marketplaces. While action-ready WAPI order management solution and complete support infrastructure will save your time and money.

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Enter New Marketplaces
We analyze your products and the products of your competitors, develop a strategy, create listings, and launch your sales on the biggest local marketplaces.
We store, label, prepare, and pick & pack your products at local warehouses all over the EU and the USA.
Final Mile Delivery
We deliver your products to final customers in 24 to 48 hours via post, courier services, parcel terminals, COD and more.
Amazon Preparation
We prepare your products in accordance to Amazon regulations by storing, checking the quality & quantity, labeling, and shipping to Amazon.

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How it works

Start selling more by integrating your existing sales channels with WAPI, start selling via new
marketplaces in WAPI system or go for both at the same time.

Сonnect your sales channels
Enter your product catalogue into the system
Place your stock on one of our warehouses
Start selling your products

Are you a company outside the EU willing to sell in Europe and the USA?
We have a solution.

Ship your products
smarter, faster & cheaper


WAPI created reliable local warehouse infrastructure and order management system to handle your orders all over Europe and the USA. No more inefficient cross-border shipments.

Stock your products smartly based on demand and customers nearby!
24-48 hour delivery (2-3 times faster than cross-border)
2-3 times cheaper delivery than cross-border
One-click fulfillment network for all your sales channels in all EU and American Markets

Outsource all things fulfillment

WAPI will save you up to 50% on your fixed costs and take the weight off your shoulders by taking on supply chain, IT, and business development work.

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Enter the new market within 7-10 days, saving you time and money

Doing it yourself

The search for reliable partners and starting a business in a new country can take up to a year

Final Mile Delivery arrow-right-blue

Prime 24-48 hour delivery speed and unified quality in all countries

Doing it yourself

3-7 day delivery and expensive cross-border delivery costs

Сost Management arrow-right-blue

2-3 times lower shipping costs and saved expenses on Management, Logistical staff, IT and R&D

Doing it yourself

Expensive cross-border shipping, additional development payroll, IT expences, and other business development costs

Growth Points arrow-right-blue

Many ways to expand with instant access to a large number of countries, sales channels, marketplaces, and different delivery methods

Doing it yourself

A long path to explore market growth options and an expensive learning journey

Focus On Sales arrow-right-blue

WAPI takes on most operational issues, allowing you more time to focus on sales, product R&D, marketing and new market development

Doing it yourself

Large time commitment needed to complete operational work to meet fulfillment and sales goals. Operational work you are responsible for includes subcontractors management, IT outsourcing, quality service, and more

More Than Fulfillment arrow-right-blue

Access to WAPI ambassadors, partners, and E-com professionals from all over the world that are ready to share their experience, success stories and help you expand your business

Doing it yourself

Responsible to find the trends and information on your own for business development

Manage your omnichannel orders with an all-in-one system.

Manage all sales channels from one dashboard, follow your sales KPIs, and fulfill your orders in the WAPI system.

Simple and quick integration with sales channels and CRM systems
One-click inbound to WAPI warehouses
Multi-country inventory overview and control
Order rerouting and management
Product listing compilation and marketplace set up
Predictable cost transparency and finance reporting
On-time order tracking
Return management
KPIs control and reporting

We love everything eCom. Enhance your marketing skills, share ideas and learn how to lift your sales to unprecedented levels.

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Escape Welt is a German-based company which produces and sells online handcrafted puzzle toys made from natural wood .

A toy manufacturer was selling its products in Europe from its warehouses in Germany. In 2021, we began to work together and helped them to expand. Now Escape Welt is stocked in the UK, Poland, Spain and Italy.

Thanks to its expansion into new markets, Escape Welt is now selling more products than ever! We started in May with 2,000 orders and by the middle of December had reached 6,000 orders!

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We love everything eCom. Enhance your marketing skills, share ideas and learn how to lift your sales to unprecedented levels.

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GKhair is a company that provides quality hairdressing for all the family and sells online.

With WAPI GKhair managed to optimise last mile logistics cost by 35% and enhanced customer experience with 24-48 delivery to Buyer transit time.

Today we also help GKhair with Amazon FBA Preparation operations and ship their orders in all countries of the EU.

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We love everything eCom. Enhance your marketing skills, share ideas and learn how to lift your sales to unprecedented levels.

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Vicont Benua didn’t know much about e-retailing business in Europe, so WAPI guided them all the way!

We helped Vicont Benua with merchandise import from China up to ground fulfillment and last mile logistics across 10 European countries.

Vicont Benua grew from 0 to steady 2000 item sales from web shop only with WAPI in less than a year.

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We love everything eCom. Enhance your marketing skills, share ideas and learn how to lift your sales to unprecedented levels.

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Pranamat ECO is the world’s #1 massage set.

WAPI handles their multi-channel online sales with pick&pack and ship thousands of goods across the EU monthly.

Pranamat ECO is already operating on 6 European markets through WAPI's local fulfillment and courier solutions.

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Get access to eCom world

We partner with the brightest eCom business infrastructure companies to bring you the best expertise and knowledge for success

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WAPI is proud to be Allegro official service provider of fulfillment and sales set up. Together with Allegro team we help to boost your sales in Poland.
allegro allegro.pl
Taxually helps you calculate VAT in EU countries and submit their VAT returns.
wish-2 taxually.com
ChannelEngine is connecting global ecommerce by rolling out a rapidly growing SaaS solution and thriving partner ecosystem, connecting retailers and brands to global marketplaces and ecommerce platforms.
channelengine_logo_png channelengine.com
Amz Pathfinder
Builds profitable Amazon ad strategies for your ecommerce business
logo-large-02 amzpathfinder.com
Intellirank boosts your product visibility and sales through product testing campaigns.
intellirank www.intellirank.info
DefDevice creates and implements tailor-made Ecommerce strategies and set you up for optimal future growth.
Growth Hack Consulting
Growth Hack Consulting develops, tests and implements creative low-cost grow strategies to ensure productivity in products and service delivery.
consultport consultport.com/consultants/growth-hacking/
YLT-Translations provides you with the highest quality Amazon listing translations to make more sales.
ylt-translations ylt-translations.com
ZonPhoto helps to increase your sales by creating product images.
zonphoto-2 zonphoto.com
Chern & Co
Chern & Co helps open a company for sales in Ireland and provides a full spectrum of accounting & bookkeeping, trademark, and tax registration services
chern chern.co
PVS Fulfillment Service is one of the leading fulfillment companies on the market. With a number of subsidiaries in Germany as well as in Italy and the Benelux countries, PVS is committed to provide the premium european fulfillment platform.
pvs-logo pvs-europe.com
Gruber Logistics
Gruber Logistics is one of the most successful operators who support their customers with a complete range of logistics services in Europe.
gruber-logistics-logo-color gruber-logistics.com
Econt is an expert in logistics in Bulgaria. For years they help their customers develop online trade in Europe by providing with new and better solutions in the realm of courier, postal and cargo services.
logo-ekont-1 econt.com
ATL Fulfilment
ATL Fulfilment are the leading warehouse and fulfilment company in the North West. They offer the perfect solution for warehouse, storage and distribution requirements and offer a full end-to-end fulfilment service.
atl-fulfilment atlfulfilment.co.uk
Inpost is a leader in offering modern logistics services and the first company in Poland to create a network of Parcel Lockers - self-service parcel dispatch and collection points, open 24/7.
1200px-inpost_logo inpost.pl
Dap Sides
Dap Sides is a transport and logistics company that helps optimizing warehousing and delivery processes with the know-how gained through 40 years of experience.
logo_dapsides dapsides.it
Hi Logistics
Hi Logistics is an efficient logistic company that can solve any logistic need: storage, packaging, transportation and much more.
microsoftteams-image-1 hilogistics.es
Biz Courier is a courier and express parcel distribution company which operates in Greece and Italy. They deliver both domestically and internationally offering a high standard of courier and logistic services.
biz bizcourier.eu
Ilior offers a full range of services in logistics and transport: from delivery of any goods to warehousing, customs service and logistics for e-commerce.
ilior ilior.lv
hellotax offers online VAT Registration & VAT Filings to reduce your workload. Stay tax compliant within Europe and start monitoring your thresholds with our free tool today.
logo-hellotax-1 hellotax.com
Powerful Data Insights and Automation to Grow Your AMZ Business.
zonguru-logo zonguru.link/partner_wapi
Margin Business
Margin Business helps you expand your business online. With them you won't see any borders when selling!
full_right_gold marginbusiness.com
No lte Digital
Together with No lte Digital you can start or scale up your web shop or online marketplaces, generate more sales with SEO and online advertising.
nda22-nolte-digital-logo-breit_zeichenflache-1-03 nolte-digital.de
AccrueMe helps Amazon sellers grow quickly and increase profits.
thumbnail_accrueme_logo-3-22 accrueme.com
Pirk Spark
Pirk Spark helps you to sell on international marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Allegro, Shopee, Empik and many more.
thumbnail_pirk-spark_marketplace-agency_logo_2022 pirkspark.pl/allegro-ads/?utm_source=partnerstwa&utm_medium=WAPI&utm_campaign=strona
With launchese you can easily launch your e-commerce business from anywhere in the world 10 to 15 business days.
logo-launchese-long-transparent launchese.com/partner/wapi
The financial companion made for e-commerce, helping you grow your business with cashback, multi-currency accounts, virtual cards, insights and more.
red-logotype juni.co?oid=1&affid=708
Halexo Media
Halexo Media offers a unique ecommerce sales "boosting" service by publishing on diverse media sources and sell at scale world-wide with Cash On Delivery.
thumbnail_hxo_logo halexo.co.uk
YUGUO (Cifnews), as a cross-border eCommerce focused platform, aims to help Chinese brand go overseas.
202101071137392308 cifnews.com
Seller Mango
Seller Mango offer tailored service packages that will help you improve your Amazon business.
thumbnail_sellermango_logo_horizontal_rgb-1 sellermango.com
OJ Digital Solutions
The OJDS team is your partner in manually creating “launch-ready” killer Amazon product listings that will X2 click-through rate and conversion rate.
logo-oj-fond-transparent-web-e1531296951708 ojdigitalsolutions.com/?ref=104
Pendulum Ads
Pendulum Ads is a full-service advertising agency specializing in TikTok advertising. The agency is among the first TikTok marketing partners in Europe, allowing them to offer many perks to their e-commerce clients.
microsoftteams-image-2 pendulumads.com
Business Management & Consulting | Digital Marketing | Building and Acquiring Own Brands
thumbnail_donsfield-acquisitions-logo-version-1 donsfield.com
GETIDA is the global leader in Amazon FBA auditing and reimbursements. An approved solution provider on the Amazon Seller Central AppStore, GETIDA audits billions of dollars of FBA transactions daily.
getida-updated_logo getida.com
Add2Ads designed a comprehensive range of TikTok solutions to elevate the value of your business and position you as a trendsetter.
add2ads_logo_transparent add2ads.com
Link My Books
Automated Accurate Accounting for Amazon, Shopify, eBay and Etsy Sellers and Accountants using Xero or QuickBooks.
link-my-books-horizontal-logo linkmybooks.com
Ecomcy is a full-service Amazon Brand Management Agency, providing tactical/execution support and strategic consulting services for Amazon sellers and vendors. Focused on mid-to-large-sized brands, Ecomcy uses specialist consulting frameworks, deep analytical ability, and powerful technology to grow our customers’ revenue on Amazon.
microsoftteams-image-1-2 ecomcy.com
Unlock the full potential of your product with a fully optimized, high-converting listing! We are the go-to content creation and listing optimization agency for sellers who want to push their Amazon businesses to the next level.  We create show-stopping, fully SEO listings which are precision engineered to maximize conversions, drive sales and boost profits with lower ad spend. We make sure that you’re leaving no money on the table! 
microsoftteams-image-2-1-1 maxamaze.co

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We love everything eCom. Enhance your marketing skills, share ideas and learn how to lift your sales to unprecedented levels.


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