Message from Tony Smith – Chairman


In this, my second year as Chairman of this Association and as we go into 2020 I think we can be somewhat satisfied that the ‘limbo’ in which Parliament has been for the last couple of years seems to have been at least partly resolved and perhaps now business, not just Brexit, can be done !!.

In this vein I have submitted a Petition to gather signatures for the Licensing of Private Investigators in the UK which, of course, brings us in line with a lot of our colleagues around the world.  An added advantage, in my opinion, is that it will also go a long way in weeding out the cowboys and rip off merchants that prey on a vulnerable element of our society and have done so for years making it difficult for those of us trading legally.  The profession retains an image in the public perception which mainly comes from the films and novels of much earlier years which is slowly changing but remains hampered by the parasites that attach themselves to this profession.  

The Petition is a new idea but if sufficient address the issue then it will get the attention of those that make the decisions and I respectfully suggest that you sign it.  The Petition can be found here:

Although 2019 has been a relatively quiet year for the Association, let’s see what the coming one brings particularly with 20/20 vision!!


Tony Smith