Message from Tony Smith – Chairman

I am honoured to take the WAPI Chair for the next twelve months and hope that I can emulate my predecessors in doing so with the able and proven assistance of my Governing Council all of whom put their considerable time in for no financial gain.

This profession still requires Licensing in the UK but, being realistic, that would not appear to be on the horizon any time soon. It should be said that having a License does not make you professional, nor does not having one make you unprofessional but we will have to wait and see what transpires and in the meantime it is up to us to continue to weed out those that prey on the public whenever and wherever we can.

In Licensing absence Association membership still remains a ‘credible’ recommendation in the eyes of prospective clients and the World Association of Professional Investigators remains, for me, the Association of choice for the professional Investigator.

What then for the various Associations that attempt to ‘govern’ the Private Investigator in this day and age? Quite frankly, the various attempts to unify from within the various bodies of control seem to have fallen on deaf ears in the past and it remains a fractured profession in so far as those controlling bodies are concerned. Loudly decrying others at any opportunity in a misunderstood belief that you are promoting your own membership doesn’t work. I have been a full time Private Investigator since February 1978 and I have seen the same petty attitudes prevalent throughout this profession throughout that time on occasions too many to mention.

This profession contains many Investigators of great expertise, talent and professionalism most of which choose not to be a member of any of the Association bodies. I would address those Investigators personally in saying that joining WAPI can give you a sense of ‘belonging’, education and also enable you to have possibly have a say in the future of Private Investigation. For most of my years in the business I avoided Associations until I examined what WAPI stood for and aimed for.

Those who are members of the WAPI EGroup continue to contribute to the profession in the exchange of client instructions, education and information around the world and its success is now established.

I take this opportunity in wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2019

— Tony Smith